We know how important it is for every rider to have confidence in their frame after any accident so we can certainly help with an inspection, we can carry out a tap test, visual and sound test which are old fashioned tried and tested methods still currently used in the aerospace industry.

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We do not do X-Rays or Ultrasound purely because the results are in conclusive and carbon shows up like skin on an X-Ray so it does not show all we need to know.

This inspection costs £30 and it we find any damage this would be documented in a written report which many customers send into their insurance companies. If a safe repair is an option we can also give you a quote for this as well.

On the positive side we can also give your frame a clean bill of health and the thumbs up for safe confident future riding should we find no problems.

You can either bring the frame into us if you are local, or post it to us if not. Ideally we would need the frame stripping down so we have full access to every tube, however if this is not an option for you to do we can also offer a full strip and build where all the brakes and gears are re-set for £80.


We can service any make or model of bike it does not have to be carbon. We can also repair any make or model of bike and replace worn or broken components.

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