Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Can Carbon Frames be repaired?

In short yes. Carbon frames can be repaired to a degree, and most frame damage can be repaired, but each frame is on an individual basis and will only be repaired if we feel it is safe to do so.

Can Carbon Wheels be Repaired?

We can repair carbon wheels however – we do not repair carbon breaking surfaces as overtime the heat of the brakes will breakdown the repair and eventually it will fail.

Can alloy rear drop outs be re-attatched when they snap off ?

No, but if you can get a replacement we can fit it.

Can a painted Carbon frame be rubbed down to just the carbon?

It can be, but we feel it is not a safe option as it is hard to tell how thick or thin the carbon wall of the tubes are in places and it is easy to sand through or remove too many layers of carbon.
It would take a lot of hours and be very expensive.

Can you fix front carbon forks?

We feel that it is not safe to do purely because of the amount of weight that goes through the front forks, it is also likely to be cheaper to buy new ones than have them repaired. We do however colour match if your new forks do not match your old ones.

A few common sense ideas you might like to think about!

Don’t clamp your pride and joy that has probably cost close to three months wages to your roof rack by the down tube even if it is gently holding it, carbon frames are not designed to be held there and if you have 70mph wind drag around it on a motorway. IT WILL BREAK
Don’t put your pride and joy on a roof rack at all especially if you are going into a car park with height restrictions….it does happen.
If you have an alloy seat post in a carbon frame take it out regularly as they do stick and when they do it will not come out, same goes for carbon posts in a carbon frame with an alloy insert.


We can service any make or model of bike it does not have to be carbon. We can also repair any make or model of bike and replace worn or broken components.

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